Commercial Demolition

What is Commercial Demolition?

Commercial demolition Brisbane can be basically defined as the partial or total demolition of a commercial property. These can be anything from offices through to huge skyscrapers. Demolition Brisbane is usually done when a building is no longer safe to be habited in its present condition or if it is no longer useful. In commercial situations, it is often done to make way for new buildings.

While demolition can mean the tearing down of structures, it can also refer to the process of “stripping out” where all internal fittings and fixtures are removed so that a room is a bare shell ready to be fitted out as needed. Demolition strip outs are often done when one company leaves a premises and another moves in.

Who Does Commercial Demolition?

Commercial demolition should always be done by a fully licensed and insured brisbane demolition contractor or demolition company. While most demolition companies do residential work and commercial work, you do need to make sure that they are experienced and licensed for the kind of commercial demolition that you need done.

As commercial demolition is often done on a large scale, the machinery used is quite sophisticated. As well as excavators and bobcats, other machinery such as cranes, cutter-crushers, multi-processors, combination shears, and much more are used for demolishing commercial properties. These machines need to be operated by trained professionals for safety reasons. While some brisbane demolition work can be done by hand, the sheer scale of some commercial demolition jobs means that it may not be practical.

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