Residential Demolition

What is Residential Demolition?

Residential demolition can be simply defined as the total or partial removal of a structure that is currently on a residential property.  This could be to remove old, decrepit dwellings or structures so that a new one can be built, or to remove a structure that is no longer needed in order to create more garden space.

Demolition doesn’t have to just be about total demolishing of a structure however. It can also include the strip out of an interior room so that it is back to the bare bones. This is generally done during major renovations and an example of this would be removing all bathroom fixtures and fittings so that it is a bare shell.

Professionals can demolish and remove the following things among others:

    • Sheds, garages, and carports
    • Decks
    • Home extensions
    • Roofed structures such as gazebos and patios
    • Pergolas
    • Retaining walls
    • Paths
    • Pools and pool surrounds
    • Verandas
    • Steps
    • The home itself


Who Does Residential Demolition?

If you have something that needs demolishing, you will need to call a professional demolition company as they are the experts and can do it quickly and safely, with minimal damage to the surrounds.  The professionals will house demolish what you need either using hand techniques or by using machinery as appropriate.  They will then remove the demolition waste.  When removing the waste, look for a company that will salvage as much as possible – steel, bricks, timber and so on.  Not only is this environmentally responsible, it can reduce the costs of the demolition.  As well, professional demolition companies are often also trained and licensed in the removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos.


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