Roelandts Group offer an extensive range of services including Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Earthworks and Transport. We make it our business to consult with clients, assess their needs and tailor a complete solution. We pride ourselves on a professional approach and timely delivery of services.

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Brisbane Demolition Services

If you’re looking for safe, reliable and competitively priced demolition services in Brisbane, look no further than Roelandts Group demolition contractors. We provide an extensive range of demolition company services throughout Brisbane. A vast amount of experience across a broad range of projects results in a dependable service and peace of mind for all clients. Services include:


Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition can be basically defined as the partial or total demolition of a commercial property.

At Roelandts Group Demolition, we safely and efficiently demolish buildings and structures of any scale or complexity. Our team are experienced in demolishing multi-storey high-rise buildings and apartment blocks, hospitals, shopping centres, factories, warehouses and other commercial facilities

Some of our most recent projects include the demolition of structures on Merivale Street, South Brisbane for Hutchinson Builders and the demolition of the Seven Hills Tafe for Advanced Deconstruction.


Industrial Demolition

When it comes to large structures, demolition can be extremely demanding and dangerous. Ensuring the safety of staff and critical infrastructure during works is paramount. Roelandts Group Demoltion is experienced in  large and technically-challenging demolition projects in the heavy industrial sector. We understand what it takes to work safely within the constraints of different industrial environments. Our team’s expert knowledge translates into safe, efficient results, on budget and on time.


Residential Demolition

Roelandts Group Demolition are fully licensed and have a wealth of experience in performing residential demolition projects in an efficient and professional manner. There are numerous factors to consider when performing demolition within residential communities. This includes industry regulations that are designed to ensure minimal impact and disruption to neighbours and their properties.

Our team of highly-skilled, trained professionals can efficiently remove any structure from your property, with minimal impact on the environment and surroundings. Our own fleet of excavators, bobcats and trucks allow us to mobile quickly and get your job done on time.



Roelandts Group possess all necessary equipment and skilled personnel to provide extensive earthworks solutions. Services include:

  • Deep Excavation
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Detailed excavation
  • Civil works
  • Vegetation / Tree Removal
  • Site Preparation
  • Site Clearing / Rubbish Removal


Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral made up of tiny fibres. When disturbed, it may produce a dust containing asbestos fibres. Breathing these fibres into the lungs may, in turn, cause a range of health problems including pleural plaques, asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

Asbestos was commonly used in building materials between the 1940s and the late 1980s. It was used because it is fire resistant, durable and an efficient insulating material. Now that we are aware of the health risks, it is no longer mined in Australia. Since the beginning of 2004, it has also not been imported or used in any Australian products.

It is due to the above mentioned history of use that Asbestos now has a widespread presence in most current demolition / renovation projects. Due to its inherent and severe health risks, Roelandts Group employ a skilled asbestos removal monitor, remove and dispose of asbestos contaminated and hazardous materials. Services include:

  • Friable Asbestos Removal
  • Non-Friable [bonded] Asbestos Removal
  • Emergency Asbestos Removal [Fire / Other Damage]
  • Asbestos Review
  • Sampling and Testing
  • Site Remediation


In addition to demolition and earthworks, Roelandts Group provide semi-tipper hire services to the demolition and construction industries.